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Erik Estrada Biography


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Erik Estrada (born March 16, 1949 in New York City) is an United States actor of Puerto Rico descent who is known for a lead role in the 1977–1983 United States television series CHiPs.
Acting History


In the 1970 Hollywood production of The Cross and the Switchblade, Erik played the role of Nicky Cruz alongside actor/singer Pat Boone who played the role of David Wilkerson. In 1977, Estrada began playing the role of Francis "Ponch" Poncherello, an Italian-American California Highway Patrol officer on the 1977–1983 United States television series CHiPs. Estrada became a teen idol, appearing on the cover of Tiger Beat and other publications. In the 1980s, after CHiPs was cancelled, Estrada had few television or movies roles.


In the 1990s Estrada made played the role of Johnny, a Tijuana trucker, in the Televisa telenovela Dos mujeres, un camino ("Two women, one road"). In 1995, he made a special guest appearance as CHIPs in punk rock band Bad Religion's music video Infected. In 1998, he returned as officer Poncherello in the TNT made-for-tv movie CHiPs '99, along with the rest of the original cast.


In 2002 he played a Spanish game show host on the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire with Hilary Duff. He has also had a regular role doing voiceovers for the Cartoon Network show Sealab 2021, which also gave him the opportunity to parody himself. The show has featured several CHiPs homages and his character, First Mate Marco Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is played as a stereotypical Latin macho character. Estrada has also guest-starred on the children's cartoon Maya and Miguel. Estrada has appeared in music videos and such as Eminem's music video "Just Lose it". He has a band named after him (Estradasphere) based in Santa Cruz, California, California. He also starred in the second season of VH1's Surreal Life celebrity reality series in 2004. Estrada also made a guest appearances on The Wayans Bros., Unhappily Ever After, the Nickelodeon comedy Drake & Josh, and Scrubs (TV series). Estrada has done a long-running series of infomercials as a national spokesman for National Recreational Properties, selling real estate property in such locations as Siskiyou County, California, California; Lake Shastina, California; California City, California; Ocean Shores, Washington, Washington; and Colorado, and recently, Tellico Village, Tennessee. Parlaying his CHiPs fame for the public good, Estrada has also made numerous appearances supporting automobile child-seat safety checks in states including Illinois and Indiana.
Personal life

Estrada has been married three times. He is currently married to Nanette Mirkovich, and they have a daughter named Francesca. He also has two sons from one of his previous marriages, Anthony Erik and Brandon Michael-Paul.
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