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Kelly Osbourne Biography


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Full name: Kelly Lee Osbourne

D.O.B.: October 27, 1984

Place of Birth: London, England

Currently lives: Beverly Hills, CA also has a manor in England

Moved to the US: In sixth or seventh grade

Current age: 18

Current hair color: Black

Natural hair color: Blonde (But its darker now, she has brown eye brows)

Color of eyes: Green

Siblings: Jack(16) and Aimee Rachel Osbourne(19) Half brother Louis Osbourne(27) (born in 1975) who is a dj. Also half sister Jessica Mayfair(30) (I think she kept her mom's last name)and her birthday is January 20, 1972. Reportedly, she got married and her last name is now Starshine.

Least liked sibling: Aimee

Parents: Sharon Osbourne and John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne

Uncles: Paul and Tony Osbourne

Aunts: Iris, Jean, and Gillian Osbourne

Grandparents on Ozzy's side: John and Lillian Osbourne

Grandpa on Sharon's side: Don Arden. He was the manager of Black Sabbath and the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). Don Arden was also president of Jet Records, the record label for ELO.

(The rest of the family on Sharon's side is unknown.)

Family Assistant/Nanny: Melinda

Did you know: The Osbournes have had two other "nannys"? Their names were Jessica and Eddie

Publicist: Lisa Vega

Stylist: Brooke Dulien

Her Pet: Cat- Puss

Family pets: Dogs- Minny, Lola, New Baby, Maggie, Baldrick, Pipi, Martin and many, many, more!

Current Boyfriend: Burt McCracken, 20-year-old lead singer of the band The Used.

Used To Have A Crush On: Gideon Yago(24-year-old American MTV VJ)

Fav. Color: Pink

Fav. Food: Mashed potatoes with green peas with a little bit of butter and salt.

Tatoos: 1 pink heart on her left hip

Collects: Hand bags and unique chairs

Appearances: Ozzy Osbourne: No More Tears (the girl that appears in the end in the tv set), Perry Manson, Ozzy Osbourne: Don't Blame Me (1991) Video

Music she's listening to now: The Strokes' Album, Is This It, Starsailor, Ecreslin, White Stripes, Oasis, Gorillaz, Stereophonics, Placebo, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Lou Reed, and Incubus.

Recent Movie she saw and liked: A Walk To Remember (she cried four times)

City that she wants to live in when she gets older: New York

Music Inspiration: Deborah Harry

Style Inspirations: Like old Madonna, Cindy Lauper, and an English model named Sandra Rhodes, that kind of thing.

Favorite place to shop: Fred Segal in Los Angeles and lots of thrift shops

Who is her band?: They're called Pure Rubbish and they were on the Ozzfest tour last year.

Favorite school subjects: science and history

Least favorite: Math

Favorite thing to do with her friends: Go to clubs, and go to one of the chi-chi clubs where all the celebrities hang out and put sunglasses on and just watch all of them. (Because they really are the most ridiculous people. Like seriously, it's so fun to watch. I'm probably more ridiculous than them but it's just fun to watch.)-quote from Kelly

Celebrity friends: Mandy Moore, Elijah and Hannah Wood

Other friends shown on the The Osbournes: Sarah, Jessica, and Robert Marcato

Courtesy of: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Kelly-Osbourne-Biography

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