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Marla Maples Biography


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Marla Maples (b October 27, 1963) is an American actress, model and public figure. Maples is best known however for her marriage to billionaire celebrity Donald Trump. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her daughter Tiffany whose father is Donald Trump.

Early years and acting career

Born in Dalton, Georgia on October 27, 1963, Marla Maples (later Marla Maples Trump) aspired to be an actress. As cousin to now famous actress Heather Locklear, Maples had film and theatre in her blood. In the late 1980s, after graduating from Northwest Whitfield High School, in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, she moved to New York. She found work but none of which put her name in the spotlight. Her first major project was Maximum Overdrive. Though it got recognition, it never threw Maples into the spotlight and she didn't work in film for another ten years.

Marla Maples and Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the New York tycoon and casino developer, was married to model Ivana Trump, at the time he met Maples. The couple, who had been married since 1977, were huge in the New York and Atlantic City real estate world and shared three children - Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric.

Donald Trump was reported to have had many affairs and was constantly accused of womanising. He met Maples in the early 1990's and reportedly began an affair. Stories circulated the tabloids and one major story made front page news during Christmas 1990. Ivana Trump, who was vacationing in Aspen, Colorado, confronted other woman Maples, in a heated argument. Reportedly Trump told Maples to lay off her husband and to end the affair. The advice clearly had no effect, for Ivana filed for divorce in 1991.

For a short while Trump and Maples kept their relationship under wraps until the messy divorce ended. When they wed in 1993, the actress became infamous for being the other woman. Maples became very well-known for a famous quote she made which fronted the New York Post:

Donald Trump is the best sex I ever had

It was joked about by media analysts and Trump himself. However, he had little other things to laugh about. During his marriage to Maples, Trump was at a low in his career at one point being $900 million in debt. The only highlight for Trump during the early nineties was the birth of his fourth child. Daughter Tiffany was born on October 13 1993.

The relationship was rumoured to be a messy one ever since Maples moved into the famous Trump Tower. There were often reports of splits and continual womanizing by Trump. Eventually the couple broke up in 1997 after months of speculation. Rumours circulated that Marla Maples left Trump after finding out about an affair between him and LaToya Jackson. Though nothing developed from these rumours, the two divorced on June 8, 1999. After a settlement was made, the couple decided to share custody of Tiffany though she mostly lives with her mom in California.

Later career

After a ten year hiatus, Maples reboosted her acting career on the big screen as a flight attendant in Executive Decision. Though she was famous for public and television appearances with Trump, she hadn't actually entered the Box Office in over a decade. 1997 saw Maples as Cynthia in For Richer or Poorer on the big screen and Faith in The Christmas List on the small screen. She continued her acting pursuit in 1998 while split from Trump as she appeared in critically acclaimed Happiness and Richie Rich's Christmas Wish. Her next big part was the next year as Muffy in Black and White. This was her most well-known part of her acting career. She also showed up in Two of Hearts on television.

Recent ventures

Marla Maples returned to the big screen yet again after a string of failures in the late 1990s. A Sight For Sore Eyes premiered in 2004, where Maples played a small part and Loving Annabelle saw her play Lauren in 2005. These were both supporting roles which gave Maples little recognition. Her most recent film was A Christmas Too Many in late 2005.

Any relationships she has been involved in since her marriage have not been publicised.

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