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Al Hunt quotes, biographies & pictures.
Al Hunt
Date of birth: Unknown
Date of death: Alive (or unknown)
Country Of Origin: America


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Al Hunt quotes


Al Hunt quotes
If the President's looking for another salesman to help him with this tax package, I got a candidate, that old Iraqi information minister. He knows how to sell a fraud.

Al Hunt
I would sing softly, and if the people at the next table would want to hear what I was doing, they'd have to call me over and give me a tip.

Alberta Hunter
Maybe if I knew music I couldn't do what I am doing.

Alberta Hunter
None of them going to treat me bad, honey, I'm too strict for that.

Alberta Hunter
Put your faith in God and confidence in yourself.

Alberta Hunter
The musicians that didn't know music could play the best blues. I know that I don't want no musicians who know all about music playin' for me.

Alberta Hunter
Until they put that sand and dirt in my face I will not sit in church all day.

Alberta Hunter
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