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Andrew Melville
Date of birth: 01 August 1545
Date of death: 1622
Country Of Origin: Scotland



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Andrew Melville quotes


Andrew Melville quotes
I feel, thank God, no abatement of the alacrity and ardour of my mind for the propagation of the truth. Neither use I spectacles now more than ever, yea I use none at all nor ever did, and see now to read Hebrew without points, and in the smallest characters.

Andrew Melville
I have been ready to give my life where it would not have been half so well wared... at the pleasure of my God. I have lived out of your country 10 years, as well as in it. Let God be glorified: it will not be in your power to hang or exile his truth.

Andrew Melville
It is the same to me, whether I rot in the air or in the ground. The earth is the Lord's.

Andrew Melville
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