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Colin Hanks
Date of birth: 24 November 1977
Date of death: Alive (or unknown)
Country Of Origin: America


   Colin Lewes Hanks (born November 24, 1977 in Sacramento, California) is an American actor.

Born Colin Lewes Dillingham[1] in Sacramento, California, he is the eldest son of Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks and his first wife, the late actress Samantha Lewes (real name: Susan Dillingham), who died of bone cancer on March 13, 2002. He has a sister Elizabeth (born 1982) and two half-brothers, Chester (born 1990) and Truman (born 1995) from his father's second marriage to actress .... (More...)
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Colin Hanks quotes


Colin Hanks quotes
What I loved is that you're only as good as your co-stars, the people you are acting with.

Colin Hanks
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