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Edwin A Robinson's card


Edwin A Robinson quotes, biographies & pictures.
Edwin A Robinson
Date of birth: 22 December 1869
Date of death: 06 April 1935
Country Of Origin: America


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Edwin A Robinson quotes


Edwin A Robinson quotes
Black and unblossomed were the ways he knew, Dark was the glass through which his fire eye shined.

Edwin A Robinson
For when a woman is left too much alone, sooner or later she begins to think;- And no man knows what then she may discover.

Edwin A Robinson
He knows much of what men paint themselves would blister in the light of what they are.

Edwin A Robinson
I don't say what God is, but a name That somehow answers us when we are driven To feel and think how little we have to do With what we are.

Edwin A Robinson
I shall have more to say when I am dead.

Edwin A Robinson
Love must have wings to fly away from love, and to fly back again.

Edwin A Robinson
She knows as well as anyone that pity, having played, soon tires.

Edwin A Robinson
Youth sees too far to see how near it is To seeing farther.

Edwin A Robinson
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