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Garry Marshall quotes, biographies & pictures.
Garry Marshall
Date of birth: 13 November 1934
Date of death: Alive (or unknown)
Country Of Origin: America



Film Director

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Garry Marshall quotes


Garry Marshall quotes
Editing is the only process. The shooting is the pleasant work. The editing makes the movie, so I spend all my life in editing.

Garry Marshall
I am a total believer of making the process a good time - make it memorable, have some fun, try to shoot high in your quality and then don't get crazy, see what happens.

Garry Marshall
It's a hard job. It means giving up some things, but on the other hand they keep saying you can have it all. You can't really have it all so easy. You can do a little of this and little of that.

Garry Marshall
Religion has a good place and it has its good people.

Garry Marshall
We can't compete with Mel Gibson, but we figured we could do our part.

Garry Marshall
When I edit, I'm not from the school of Hello, I'm a genius, so everybody shut up. I'm from the school of Let's play it once in front of an audience, and then I'll tell you where it is going.

Garry Marshall
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