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Marvin Hamlisch quotes, biographies & pictures.
Marvin Hamlisch
Date of birth: 02 June 1944
Date of death: Alive (or unknown)
Country Of Origin: America


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Marvin Hamlisch quotes


Marvin Hamlisch quotes
Barbra Streisand is without a doubt one of the most honest people I have ever known. There is no doubt in my mind that she will not be doing any more concerts. Of course, she still will be making records and starring and directing in movies.

Marvin Hamlisch
I auditioned and was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music Preparatory Division at the age of six and a half.

Marvin Hamlisch
I never took any vocal training.

Marvin Hamlisch
I started studying music at the age of five and a half. My older sister was taking piano lessons. When her teacher left our apartment, I would get up on the piano bench and start picking out the notes that were part of my sister's lessons.

Marvin Hamlisch
I think that when NASA works on a moon shot, they know too well that all of the people working on it must do their job at 110 percent. Sometimes they probably put in 18 hour days, but they're aiming for the moon, and that's what counts.

Marvin Hamlisch
I was always drawn to Broadway musicals, and obviously composers like Gershwin, Rodgers, Berlin and Porter were writing music that I found wildly impressive.

Marvin Hamlisch
The way things are going, there won't be too many artists left over, in years to come, since we are shortchanging the world of would-be Barbra Streisands and George Shearings.

Marvin Hamlisch
There have been studies that clearly state that children who are exposed to arts education at a young age will in fact do markedly better in their SAT tests.

Marvin Hamlisch
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