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Robert D Owens quotes, biographies & pictures.
Robert D Owens
Date of birth: Unknown
Date of death: Alive (or unknown)
Country Of Origin: America


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Robert D Owens quotes


Robert D Owens quotes
But he tempts Providence who suffers that spirit of anarchy to grow and gather strength before striking a blow for its destruction.

Robert D Owens
I do not mean that you could continue to do this with propriety or even with safety; I merely assert that the power is, in point of fact, in your hands. And for such a power, what a responsibility to God and man!

Robert D Owens
It has always been a great wrong that these men and their families should be held in bondage. We of the North have hitherto acquiesced in it, lest, in the endeavor to redress it in violation of the Constitution, greater evils might ensue.

Robert D Owens
Our enemies, like the Grecian hero, have one vulnerable point. You have not touched it yet. What should have been their element of weakness has been suffered to remain an element of strength.

Robert D Owens
They have nearly a million of able-bodied men of fit age for war or for labor. Holding these men in bondage, and employing them to till the soil, they are enabled to send to the battle-field almost their entire white male adult population, yet preserve their commisariat sufficiently supplied.

Robert D Owens
We can constitutionally extirpate slavery at this time. But if we fail to do this, then unless we intend hereafter to violate the Constitution, we shall have a fugitive slave law in operation whenever the war is over.

Robert D Owens
You are the first President to whom the opportunity was ever offered constitutionally to inaugurate such a day. If you fail us now, you may be the last.

Robert D Owens
You can declare emancipated his slaves, the suppliers of his commiseriat. Gradually, you can deprive him of these; and for every hundred thousand productive laborers he loses, you may have a hundred thousand soldiers.

Robert D Owens
You would violate usage only if you should act without the advice, or even contrary to the opinions, of your constitutional advisers.

Robert D Owens
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