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Speech quotes


Speech quotes
Discretion in speech is more than eloquence.

Sir Francis Bacon
The habit of common and continuous speech is a symptom of mental deficiency.

Walter Bagehot
Under all speech that is good for anything there lies a silence that is better. Silence is deep as Eternity; speech is shallow as Time.

Thomas Carlyle
Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting with the gift of speech.

Simonides of Ceos
He didn't say that. He was reading what was given to him in a speech.

Richard Darman
And, I hope now that everybody understands that the Labour Party - as it always has done - stands for free speech and individual Members of the Labour Party are entitled to exercise that free speech.

Ron Davies
The standing orders of the Parliamentary Party, however, apply to me, apply to every other Member of the Parliamentary Labour Party and they put into a context the way in which those rights to freedom of speech should be exercised.

Ron Davies
She was rather dull - she was a speechmaker and any character who has to stand up in front of the camera and make speeches is not very good. Maleficient was better when she batted a few of her goons around - and when she worked with the raven, she was probably all right.

Marc Davis
I believe in freedom of speech, but I believe we should also have the right to comment on freedom of speech.

Stockwell Day
It should also be acknowledged that just because a person or a group demands a certain right, or says that a right exists, does not mean that the right exists either in relative or absolute terms just because they demand it. There is no absolute right for instance to freedom of speech.

Stockwell Day
Clinton put away his prepared speech to adlib a speech about relatives because Danny DeVito made a speech that was very well received about his youth and family.

Dom Deluise
Every couple of seconds out here they're honoring somebody. You've got to get dressed, go in and sit down. Invariably somebody makes a speech.

Dom Deluise
Literature transforms and intensifies ordinary language, deviates systematically from everyday speech. If you approach me at a bus stop and murmur "Thou still unravished bride of quietness," then I am instantly aware that I am in the presence of the literary.

Terry Eagleton
Laughter is, after speech, the chief thing that holds society together.

Max Eastman
The learning of the syllables calls into play the three sensory fields, sight, hearing and the muscle sense of the organs of speech.

Hermann Ebbinghaus
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